PACCS Education

Education, Mentoring and Knowledge Sharing

The Palliative Aged Care Consultancy Service (PACCS) offers training packages, mentorship and knowledge sharing to the staff and management of Residential Aged Care providers. 

The training provided contributes to improved learning and professional development for a skilled and confident clinical workforce. 


PACCS will provide Aged, Palliative Care and Older Person’s Mental Health education focusing on the philosophy of palliative care, older person mental health, end-of-life care, symptom control, pain management, behaviour and risk management, delirium, communication, and emotional and psychological support of clients, family, and staff. The education will improve participants understanding of palliative care to equip staff in the skills of assessment and management of symptoms for those people who are recognised as palliative, and/or are in the terminal phase.

Topics for Palliative Education include:

  • What is Palliative Care in the context of aged care

  • Pain assessment

  • Pain Management and the use of Medications

  • Conducting a Palliative Care case conference/sensitive conversations

  • Recognising the dying person

  • Terminal Phase care/ Medication Management

  • Communication in Aged Care/ Palliative Care

  • Advance Care Planning


Topics for Mental Health training include:

•           Introduction and overview of Older People’s Mental Health 

•           Managing challenging behaviours 

•           Signs and symptoms of a Delirium

•           Managing a Depressed Resident

•           Assessing Risk

•           Dealing with suicidal or at risk residents

•           Suicide in older people

•           Mini State Examination

•           Risk Assessment.

•           Pathways of accessing mental health for your residents

•           Medication management 

•           Resources

•           Common scenarios in RACF