PACCS - RACF Project

Enhancing palliative care to residents of RACFs in SENSW

Palliative Aged Care Consultancy Services (PACCS) has been funded by COORDINARE – South Eastern NSW PHN, for 12 months from June 2021 – August 2022 to help selected Residential Aged Care Facilities (RACFs) with palliative care for their residents.  There is support available through three (3) different features and there is no cost to the RACF to be involved in this project.

Palliative Care Clinical Nurse Consultant (CNC) led Needs Rounds can be offered to selected RACFs on a fortnightly or monthly rostered basis. The Needs Round is a specific meeting with the key staff of the residential aged care facility and the PACCS Clinical Nurse Consultant to discuss the residents and their needs.  The purpose of the Needs Rounds meeting is to identify residents who are deteriorating, needing assessment for pain and other symptoms as well as developing a report for the residents GP. The CNC will liaise with the GP, Allied Health and other primary care providers as required.  For the PACCS CNC to undertake assessment, planning and monitoring of residents identified through the Needs Rounds, the CNC will need access to the electronic documentation system used by the RACF. 

Workshops will be offered, focusing on specific palliative care topics including recognising and managing the deteriorating resident, pain management, communication and end of life care and symptom management. These classes are intensive, practical and focus on a small group so that they have learning opportunities in a supportive and safe environment.  Workshops offer a range of mentoring, knowledge sharing, and case study review to help aged care staff to learn the fundamental principles of palliative care. 

One Day Palliative Care Workshops which are clinically focused, enabling all staff to improve their assessment skills and symptom management skills.  The One Day Palliative Care Workshops focus on the philosophy of palliative care, end-of-life care, symptom control, communication, emotional and psychological support of residents, families and staff. These workshops are open to larger groups of aged care staff either face-2-face or on-line across regions of South Eastern NSW. 

This 12-month project is being evaluated and PACCS staff will assist RACFs to collect the data required for the evaluation. 

To participate in the project, RACFs and will be required to enter into a Collaboration Agreement.  The Collaboration Agreement is between PACCS, the Local Health District Specialist Palliative Care Service and the RACF.  The Collaboration Agreement will set out the roles and responsibilities of all involved, the support offered to the RACF and the support requested from the RACF to PACCS and the SPCs.  The agreement will also include the Data Consent from the RACF to enable the aggregated data to be shared as part of the reporting and evaluation for the project.  This Collaboration Agreement is not legally binding but a written agreement on how the project will be conducted within the individual RACF.  

Inquiries about RACF Eligibility Criteria and general inquiries for the Enhancing Palliative Care in Residential Aged Care Facilities in SENSW project to:

          02 9086 9256