Virtual Consultations and Teaching 


In the world we live in, consultations and education sessions face to face have had to manage with todays restrictions. Rest assured we are with you providing the same services as  you need them. 


The Coronavirus of 2020 has changed the way we all work, travel, and communicate. It has made face to face services more difficult but has provided us all with the challenge of adapting to a changing world. 

PACCS continue to provide and deliver support residents, families, and staff of residential aged care facilities now more than ever to ensure that assessments, management, education and support are being delivered in the same way as it has always been. 

To continue consultations, education and support our staff are continuing face to face meetings when possible and in conjunction with each Residential Aged Care policies. If we cannot continue face to face meetings, we are utilising Zoom to virtually meet with you. 




Zoom is a conferencing remote service which allows you to communicate with our staff through a video and/or audio calling system, chat group and in webinars. You can use Zoom on mobile devices, desktop computers, telephones, or conference room systems. 


Zoom Privacy and Security

Zoom has a range of tool to protect meetings and the content that may be shared during a meeting. Here are several links to Zoom to assist in your decision to use Zoom as a meeting platform. 

Click for more information on Zoom SecurityZoom Privacy Policy, Zoom Terms of Service.

To go to the Zoom download centre, click below.


Of course, if you would like to connect with us using your own chosen remote conferencing service, we are more than happy to join you.